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Made from 100% All-Americian Llama Manure


Llama BrewTM, Patent Pending  is an excellent “Eco-Friendly Green”plant food .
It is easy to use. Simply open and pour.
The no-burn liquid is all natural, nutritionally balanced plant food.

Llama Brew
TM is made from 100% organic llama and alpaca manure and is packaged in recycled bottles.

Llama BrewTM is the first retail “liquefied llama manure” for every type of horticultural need.

Our llamas are USDA licensed, antibiotic free, and are not exposed to man-made chemicals.
It is great for both the beginning and the “Master Gardener”.

Llama BrewTM helps builds up root systems, promoting drought resistance, and does not clog hydroponics systems.

Llama BrewTM kicks.... grass!


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